44232681902_6905b08fe3_mAmity Baker, Artistic Director
Amity Baker started out as a singer in Social Band when it was first founded in 1998. When Founder and Artistic Director, Liz Thompson, stepped down in 2001, the leadership of the group looked around the room and thought to themselves, “Amity…now there’s someone who clearly knows how to boss people around.” Since then, Amity has been growing musically along with Social Band as its Artistic Director.

While possessing little in the way of formal musical training, Amity has sung and performed a wide-array of choral music from childhood. She is particularly fond of medieval and renaissance music which is often featured prominently in Social Band performances. In addition to Social Band, Amity leads the CCV Community Chorus and Larks out of Winooski, sings with her fellow choral geeks, Don Jamison and Jeff Fellinger, in the old-time trio “Soaked Oats” and is a budding accountant who likes nothing better than to curl up with a good spreadsheet.

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