Music and Mission

Our Mission & Music

Social Band presents a cappella choral music to the public, encourages new compositions especially by local composers, and fosters the joyful and thought-provoking expression of music.

Our repertoire is based on the notion that “folk” and “classical” music are parts of a continuum, each with its own distinct flavor. Our concerts feature music from a wide range of genres including:

Contemporary works by Vermont composers
European medieval and renaissance music
American shape-note
Traditional music from around the world

What makes such seemingly disparate music work together? Much of this music is modal, most of it is polyphonic, and the harmonies are rich and engaging. In addition, Social Band organizes its programs around themes, weaving poetry and song to create an experience that feeds listeners’ hearts and heads. And let’s not forget Social Band’s great personality! While we take the power of music very seriously, we tend to take ourselves a little less so, bringing a sense of exuberance and fun to our singing.

Featuring a powerful, full sound, and a playful spirit, Social Band brings warmth and vitality to its broad repertoire. Encouraging composition has been part of Social Band’s mission from the outset, and much of its repertoire comes from Vermont composers – many of them members of the group.

SB Field


“There is a special kind of community heart that has the power to lift the heart above mundane.”

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